Stickhandling and Puck Protection

Mastering Puck Possesion

The puck is gold. The ability to maintain puck possession is critical for a team’s success. Those individuals that are able to consistently keep the puck on their sticks are valuable commodities.

This can be accomplished in two manners: stickhandling moves and proper use of your body to protect the puck. The great players can do both with great proficiency. This program will first work on proper stickhandling techniques.

Initially the players will work on stationary moves and fakes. They will then transition into executing them while skating. The second part will incorporate puck protection.

Developing Scoring Techniques

Students will learn various ways to bait the opponent by inviting contact and exploiting their over aggressiveness. All of these techniques must eventually done at full speed and the player’s head must be up.

As always, players will be put into game situations to hone their skills.

Stickhandling and Puck Protection Programs

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