Shooting and Scoring

Not Only a Hard Shot

You have to score to win the game. That is the reason why players with that ability are some of the highest paid in the NHL. As you get to higher levels in hockey, just having a hard shot will not equate into big goal numbers.

Quick release, changing the angle of your shot, finding soft spots in defensive coverage, patience, the ability to handle the-not-so perfect pass, being able to maintain body control when harassed are just some of the qualities the best goal scorers possess.

Focused on Scoring Situations

This program focuses on putting players in scoring situations they would commonly see in a game. The best in the game hone their craft by consistently putting themselves in these scenarios at practice.

You might get one scoring chance per game if you are lucky. Will you capitalize on that chance? Let National Elite Hockey Development help you bury that opportunity!

Shooting and Scoring Programs

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