Defensive Skills and Concepts

Being Able to Defend

Playing with the puck is the fun part of the game. The key is getting the puck! Being able to defend is a big part of hockey. Whether you are a forward or defenseman, the ability to play different defensive situations appropriately is crucial to advancement. Not only will the players be put in various defensive scenarios but we will work on the individual skills that will enable them to succeed in these environments.

Training Defensive Concepts and Skills

These exercises will not only focus on the defensive aspect of the game but also encompass when the puck is transitioned to offense.

The whole point of playing defense is to get the puck back as quickly as possible. If players are not ready to maintain puck possession off good defensive coverage, then it makes for a long night.

Angling, proper defensive positioning, transition skating, quick feet, escapes with the puck, 1-1 battles and proper breakout habits are just some of the many concepts covered. This program is perfect for either forwards or defensemen. A player that is able to play both positions becomes a valuable asset for any team!

Defensive Skills and Concepts Programs

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